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“This Sefer contains topics that are pressing for every Jew to know in everyday life…This work, in its clear and pleasant form, is befitting of the author, Rabbi Montrose, who is an experienced Talmid Chacham. The words of the sefer will certainly enter the heart of the reader, so they will be put into practice.”
Rabbi Yitzchak BerkovitsRabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz
“Halachic World” by Rabbi Yaakov Montrose is a fascinating anthology of Halachic topics that will enhance the reader’s knowledge and appreciation of many interesting topics. The reader is provided with the Halachic sources on the different subjects covered, and the subjects are presented in a very interesting style.”
Rabbi Yirmiyahu KaganoffRabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff
“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Halachic World, by my dear friend and colleague Rabbi Yaakov Montrose shlita, an exceptional Talmid Chacham and renowned educator. He has unraveled many complex topics, expertly presenting them in a clear and enthralling manner. I highly recommend this to whoever wishes to broaden his understanding of halachic reasoning from the earliest sources through the contemporary poskim.”
Rabbi Yitzchok JaegerRabbi Yitzchok Jaeger, co-author of the Guidelines series

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