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Bereishis Does Adoption Fulfill the Mitzvah of “Pru u’Revu”?
Noach Temporary Theft
Lech Lecha Ona’as Devarim (Causing Pain)
VaYeira Custom vs. Halachah
Chayei Sarah Superstition
Toldos Looking at Resha’im
VaYeitzei Marrying Off Two Daughters at Once
VaYishlach Sins Forgiven at Marriage
VaYeishev Open Hatred
VaYeishev Torah or Threats
Mikeitz A Dangerous Job
VaYigash Honoring Grandparents
VaYechi Does Chessed Include Being Obligated to Lend?
Shemos Translating Torah
Va’eira Mystery of the Missing Berachah Acharonah
Bo A Cloud-Covered Moon
BeShalach Shabbos Shirah and the Birds
Yisro Lo Sachmod (Do Not Covet)
Mishpatim Debtor’s Prison
Mishpatim The Tragedy of the Borrowed House
Terumah Turning Old Things Into Tashmishei Kedushah
Tetzaveh Touching Tefillin
Ki Sisa Kiddush and Havdalah on Monday
Ki Sisa Preparing Workers on Shabbos
VaYakhel Moving Buttons on Shabbos
Pikudei DNA Testing in Halachah (Lineage)
VaYikra Bringing Korbanos Today
Tzav Avoiding Embarrassing Others
Shemini Trotting Out Turkey
Shemini Unkosher Chicken Eggs?
Tazria When to Drink from the Cup at a Bris
Metzora Proclaiming Something To Be Assur
Acharei Mos Hashem Guards Fools
Kedoshim The Mind Snatchers
Kedoshim Cursing Without the Name of Hashem
Kedoshim Breaking Agreements
Emor Dental Implants for Kohanim
Emor Reattaching the Limbs of a Kohen
Emor Does the Kohen Always Get the First Aliyah?
Emor “Using” a Kohen
Emor Keep Sitting in the Sukah
BeHar Taking a Vacation From Eretz Yisrael
BeChukosai What Should I Learn?
BaMidbar Ethiopian Jews
Naso A Kohen Comeback
BeHa’aloscha Making or Maintaining a Seven Branch Menorah
Shelach Can Women Make Tzitzis?
Shelach Wool Versus Cotton Tzitzis
Korach Taking Terumah in Chutz LaAretz
Chukas Having Benefit from a Cemetery
Balak The Wrong Kind of Honor
Balak Tzaar Baalei Chaim
Pinchas Being Zealous with Heretics
Matos Hafarah
Mas’ei Flattery
Devarim Does Bishul Akum Apply to Irreligious Jews?
Va’Eschanan Touching / Kissing the Mezuzah
Eikev Does an Elevator Need a Mezuzah?
Re’eih Risky Surgery
Shoftim Witnessing Complications
Shoftim Davening at Kivrei Tzadikim
Ki Seitzei Of Mirrors and Men
Ki Seitzei Colorful Taleisim
Ki Seitzei Shooting Down a Shidduch
Ki Savo Testing Hashem with Tzedakah
Nitzavim Marrying an Old Man
VaYelech Bringing Kids to Shul
Haazinu Birkas HaTorah
VeZos HaBerachah Teaching Gentiles Torah

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